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Nagel Langdons offers locker room advice

Nagel Langdons engineering manager Tyrone Lanaway says that, since he was specifying Scania R series Highline cabs, there was no option for additional storage or front lockers – although that changes with Scania’s next generation models.

“So we deleted the top bunk to save cost, but left the top bunk preparation in place to assist with the RV,” explains Lanaway.

Following a long procurement process, he eventually contracted PA Customs, which now mounts bespoke cupboards directly on the second bunk prep fixings.

“At end of lease, we can return the cab to standard, and reuse or sell the cupboards,” says Lanaway.

Following on the successful Scania conversions, Nagel Langdons turned its attention to its Mercedes-Benz tramper fleet, again using the second bunk prep to provide mounting points for PA Custom’s cupboards.

“PA Customs were called in by our Mercedes dealer to fit the cupboards to our new vehicles as they were delivered, even matching the colours with the cab,” says Lanaway.

And since then, the operator has also been fitting its new cupboards – which are based on treated MDF with floor carpets to prevent damage – to its existing fleet of 2016 Mercedes tractors, he adds.

“There are three compartments, and they have been designed with a large lip at the front, unlike aircraft lockers, so there’s no chance of anything falling out when opened,” he says.

“We have weighed off a cupboard, and it adds around 15kg, which compares to around 21kg for a top bunk.

“Today these cupboards are fitted to all our tramper spec’d vehicles. They’re cheaper than a bunk, more secure and give drivers more space.”

Date Created: Monday 12 March 2018 21:02:19